Community Airport


Jamestown Regional Airport is a full service airport, offering a wide range of services for all aviation types. As the primary commercial airport serving Stutsman County, Jamestown Regional Airport accommodates the aviation needs of the scheduled airlines, air freight carriers, general aviation, corporate, air taxi and charter operators, as well as the military.

The airport is located minutes away from spectacular views of the James River Valley, Pipestem Lake, and downtown Jamestown. From parking your car, through ticketing, right up to the gate, the Jamestown Airport knows how to efficiently move passengers without sacrificing courtesy or consideration.

Jamestown Regional Airport offers daily direct flights to and from Denver, CO, on United Airlines. This means that you can easily connect with flights traveling around the world while enjoying the convenience of flying from Jamestown, ND. We offer quality service, quick check-ins, and short security lines.

In addition to its role as a commercial service airport, Jamestown Regional Airport supports a variety of general aviation activities. It has become increasingly important to the business community, both for those companies owning their own aircraft and to those chartering aircraft for business trips. Flying lessons, charter flights, aircraft sales and rentals, aircraft repairs and fuel can be obtained from on-airport businesses. The Army National Guard uses the airport for occasional helicopter operations.

Over the years, certain areas of the airport have been designed as an industrial park. To date, numerous businesses and industries have located in these areas. The airport also supports about 1200 acres of farmland and hay land.

The airport is supported by the Federal Aviation Administration, tax dollars from the City and County, the North Dakota State Aeronautics Commission, farming, haying, industrial park leases, airport facilities leasing and airline and transport fees.

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